Fixing and multiple packaging

Paper fixing insets and grates are used to secure one or more products in shipped package.
Development of fixing insets is preferred to be individual due to assurance of effectiveness of packing process.
Fixing grates are constructed to ensure the simplest possible assembly. To unify fixing and external parts designed to cost is one of our aims.
The benefits of using multiple packaging is based on increased speed of packing process, reduction of packaging cost, decrease of transportation cost, easier storing, book keeping, etc.
The multiple packaging systems are mainly supplied to automotive (dashboard components, smaller part of interior, etc.) as well as to glass industry (chandelier trimmings, crystal decorations, etc.).
The multiple chamber package is developed according to requirements of our clients to meet their expectation. Main specified features are rigidity, storing and transportation specifications (either for air or container transport). The multiple color printing or embossing is optional.
Any product stored in consignment stock is guaranteed to be delivered within 24hours since order is confirmed.
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