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FORAG, s.r.o. is a 100 % Czech owned sole proprietorship focused on production of corrugated cardboard packaging. Our main goal is to satisfy our customer’s every day demands and needs. Our company focuses on high quality of produced materials, precision in meeting order requirements, perfection in deliveries and deadlines handling.

FORAG, s.r.o. is mainly supplying industrial packaging for automotive industry, Czech crystal chandeliers manufacturers, packaging for air freight and design packaging for customer’s goods. Our teams are focused on following up with a global development of packaging systems. Every known way of packaging can be provided by our company. The figures show, that export packaging for an international enterprises is above 70 % of our total revenue.

Deliveries are executed according to a client’s request. Basically either JIT or variations of consignment stock. These ways proved to bet the most efficient for our clients. Track of record provided to companies on demand is unique in packaging industry in compatibility with system of client. Shall your company have different demands? Our team of professionals will provide you with a proper solution.
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